November 28th, 2010

Arya & Gendry02

Glee Christmas CD - okay one song

I really like their "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" but then I get frustrated when Dianna Agron (Quinn) sings her one line and sounds absolutely lovely, and that's it ... followed up by Naya Rivera singing a whole crapload of lines and in *this* type of song not sounding even remotely as nice as Dianna. It's bad enough she's practically absent from the show with most of her songs/screentime being given to Santana and Brittany, but can't a Quinn/Dianna fan get a break anywhere?!

Geez! I'm this close to replacing my Quinn icon with a Dianna icon to show my solidarity with her as opposed to the show.


ETA: HAH! I did it. Take that, Glee! Okay, I kept the Quinn icon because I like it so, but see if I use it much anymore! So, yeah!
Damon & Elena02

My Ten Favorite 'Vampire Diaries' Episodes (So Far)

I wanted to do a little write-up (really, there's very little text, I swear!) on my ten favorite episodes of The Vampire Diaries with an image that best represents that episode for me included. I finally got around to doing it during my days off.

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Arya & Gendry02

Taylor Swift's 'Enchanted'

I know, I know, Taylor Swift is supposedly a talent-less hack who presents a horrible image to young girls everywhere setting feminism back fifty years, writes songs from her diary (who couldn't do that?) filled with cliches left and right, can't sing without a studio to make her sound decent. Well, I definitely agree on the latter, but dangit, the studio does make her sound lovely. As for the first two, I don't think any one person should ever represent a movement or an entire group of people. So she sings about love and boyfriends, etc., just because young girls listen to her, doesn't mean that they'll only think about love and boyfriends. Individuals are individuals and people will grow and make up their own minds and hearts. Some songs (especially Taylor Swift-type songs) are not going to brainwash a generation. She writes from her diary, true, but she crafts a nice string of words, and comes up with some lovely melodies. A lot of people couldn't do that. Are there cliches? Sure, but a plenty darn lot of songs have cliches.

So that's my defense of why I listen to and like Taylor Swift.

With that said ... OHMYGOD! I love her song "Enchanted" SO MUCH! I thought it was bland and lame upon the first few listens to, but then it started to get its groove into me and now I find it one of the most lushly romantic songs I've ever heard. I can't explain it, but I adore it so. If you're not automatically against Taylor Swift (for reasons stated above, opinions you're more than welcome to, or for your own reasons), give the song a few listens. It's just ... ahhh! Glorious. I love it so!