September 2nd, 2010


Ah well, a little teeny bit of bad with the great

It's not a huge deal, and obviously doesn't effect real life at all, but Paul Wesley (Stefan, The Vampire Diaries) canceled at Dragon*Con. He's not my fave (he's fourth on my list of faves on the show, but I still totally love him to bits!), but I really, really was looking forward to seeing him. In fact, after I got the job (obligatory squee!!), I was seriously pondering if I still wanted to go to Dragon*Con and instead spend the weekend getting my stuff together, chilling before getting back into the real world again, but the thought of seeing Paul Wesley put an end to that. I really wanted to see him, so Dragon*Con was a go.

And now he won't be there. I love Summer Glau, Michelle Forbes, and I did want to go, but with lack of limitless free time coming up, without Paul Wesley (a part of my current obsession), I've decided to go with the free weekend and save $100.00 in the meantime.