July 25th, 2010

Arya & Gendry02

The 5 things I wanted most from the 2nd season of Vampire Diaries

So there are five things that I wanted from the new season of The Vampire Diaries. Just five specific things that I thought had at least the possibility of happening due to scenes, moments, etc. throughout season one. The first was obvious, and doesn't even need to be spoiled because of the source material. I want to see Damon and Elena grow closer. Obviously that's going to happen. The other four were not as set in stone, but one of them was pretty likely so I wasn't that worried. I've already been spoiled that it would happen (woohoo!), two of the remaining three were spoiled earlier tonight (shazaam!). And now, the fifth thing I wanted, the one that I considered the least likely to happen ... is going to happen!!!! I'M SO HAPPY WITH MY FRICKIN' SHOW!!!!

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And with that, knowing I'm getting shades and variations on the five things I really wanted to see next season, I am going to attempt to go spoiler free. I know, very unlike me, but the reason I've gone so spoiler-heavy for all of my past shows is because I don't trust the producers, the writers, the direction of the story. I need to be prepared for what's coming. I trust the people behind this show; I have faith that whatever is coming will continue to be awesome. So, yeah, I'm going spoiler-free.