July 24th, 2010


I officially CAN NOT wait for the TVD DVD just for the bloopers

Just got a small taste of the bloopers on The Vampire Diaries DVD, and they ended it with the infamous Nina falling over in her flashback hoop skirt and the boys cracking up so hard. OHMYGOD! It was hilarious!!! I've watched it half a dozen times already; hysterical.

Second favorite: "I'm drooling."

Just go here and type in TAKETHEMHOME.

ETA: Here they are on youtube:

Damon & Elena06


Okay, just watched streaming of The Vampire Diaries panel at Comic-Con and they showed clips from the season premiere. Alas, the stream cut that part out (grr!), but another site described it, and while I only posted my guesses here and there at different places, I still totally called certain things!

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