July 22nd, 2010

Damon & Elena01

Ian Somerhalder (Mostly Damon)-related Gifs

So I just got a bunch of new Vampire Diaries peeps on my flist!! WOOHOO! And to celebrate, I'm posting all of the Ian Somerhalder, Ian/Nina, Damon, Damon/Elena gifs I have saved in this post. If anyone has any other Ian gifs, Nina gifs (interviews/or other roles they've done), TVD gifs (pretty much any character/couple (but Damon/non-Elena/Katherine or Elena/other couple gifs -- I'm fine with them in other pairings -- so unlike me, the ultimate psycho-couple girl, but there's a limit, LOL!), please feel free to share, I'd love more! :D Oh, and if anyone has bigger versions of the smaller gifs, please post them here! :)

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