May 20th, 2010

Arya & Gendry02

V - I'm actually digging it :)

If you had told me when V began last Fall that it would become one of my favorite shows, I wouldn't have believed you. But bit by bit, it has crept up on me. All through the last episode before the hiatus, I was aware that it was going on hiatus (not coming back until January, I thought) and I was fine with it. Then it ended with the armada of V ships heading towards Earth and I was like 'whoah!' suddenly not so blasé and then was 'WHAT?!?!' when I saw that the hiatus was lasting until March. Still time passed and when the show came back, I was more or less back to enjoying it, but not anticipating each episode. The last couple of weeks have changed that, and one character is a part of that. (Icon spoiler alert!)

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