February 21st, 2010

Arya & Gendry02

Thoughts on 24

Is anyone else bored by 24 this season? Like really bored. Or is it just me because I can NOT stand Renee and wish she would disappear forever? Not to say that her 'woe is my life' is the only thing boring to me. She's just the main reason I'm really thinking of walking away from 24 once and for all. So boring. Very little Chloe usage. Waste of Katee Sackhoff's awesome. Can't stand Renee.

You know, I realized last week that if Katee Sackhoff had been cast in the role of Renee, I'd probably love her with the passion of a gazillion fiery suns (and totally root for her and Jack). But as played by Annie Wershling? Meh to HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE.