January 19th, 2010

Arya & Gendry02

US version of Torchwood

For me, there's some good news! And some bad news! (Which most won't consider bad, LOL!)

Apparently, Fox is looking into a US remake of Torchwood. This totally works for me because, because, because RTD and Julie Gardner are going to be involved, so WOOHOO!!! Yes, babydoll! What doesn't work? Ugh, John Barrowman might (which means pretty much, yeah, cuz hello, it's Barrowman!) be in it. I would have been soooooo thrilled with a Torchwood featuring a lead actor who actually was a kick-awesome actor and not just mildly, billboard pretty with a gift for one-liners, but generally meh or outright-fail in the drama/nuance department. Ah well, I do like him much more on Torchwood than I ever did on Who, so there's at least that.

Still, Rusty!! Woohoo!!!