January 2nd, 2010


Oh, Iron Man, how I do want you so ...

I need to remember I'm broke and that even though I could get it for 10 bucks on ebay, I should not because 10 bucks is 10 bucks, oh beautiful widescreen Iron Man. It's weird. I loved it, but was left a bit disappointed at the end when I saw it in the theaters. Then I got the urge to watch it again, got it from Netflix, loved it all over again and then was disappointed. I realized this time, though, it was because dag-nabbit, that fight scene at the end was waaaaaaaay too drawn out, but everything else was so ace. And I've been hankering to watch it again on and off so it's in my Netflix queue again. This time? When I get it (a few weeks/month from now, depending on how fast my queue goes, LOL), I'm fast-forwarding through the fight scene. Yup.