November 24th, 2009

Dancing Cucumber

Dancing with the Stars ... the Finale Results

I so have to give myself props, LOL! This is what I wrote after the first night of this season:
My favorites in order based on personality, talent and potential.

- Kelly/Louis ... Color me surprised, but she was absolutely charming with an infectious smile; I love my Louis, they have chemistry and I just adored them. And she did a lovely job dancing. Every time she smiled during the dance, I beamed, and the Ozzy/Sharon reaction did get to me. I want her to win. She's officially my favorite. (And, yes, I love the accent.)

- Donny/Kym ... I LOVED him! - already so much better than Marie. Great personality, but not too over the top, and dance-wise, he was fabulous.

- Mya/Dimitry ... Ringer or not, that was glorious, and they have chemistry! Plus, I really liked her in the interviews.
And here we are ... the final three. I may have changed my mind on loving Mya throughout the competition, but I sure picked 'em good.

Now onto the results Collapse )