October 27th, 2009

Arya & Gendry02

Dancing with the Stars, Top 20 (fave dances/dancers)

Not going through each routine, just listing my favorite dancers and favorite routines of the night. Despite liking particular dancers, their routines are not necessarily on the list because their routines either didn't stand out or just plain bit. (And, squee!, for the first time ever two dancers I wanted to be paired were paired!!!)

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A few choreographer comments: 1.) We've now seen new guy Jason Gilkiskon choreograph three numbers and I thought all three were boring as hell. Not impressed. 2.) I'm sorry, Gerrie, I simply can not stand Sonya as a choreographer. The ridiculous girls-in-a-tutu routine yesterday was terrible, and tonight's routine (again with ridiculous costuming) was lame. I continue to be so not impressed.