October 17th, 2009

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'Ugly Betty' -- Could it be back?

Okay, I pretty much figured that I was done with Ugly Betty. Last season started out with great promise, but just went so drastically downhill, there were no words. It became almost a chore to watch it, but I held on because I love the chemistry between America Ferrera and Eric Mabius (Betty and Daniel) and love, love, love their relationship and Matt and Molly seemed obvious stand-ins for Daniel and Betty as signs that the originals were getting closer to being ready for one another. Then exec producer Silvio Horta flat-out, categorically stated that Daniel and Betty would NEVER get together. So, yeah, I was done because the quality of the show sure wasn't keeping me around. But, I didn't take it off of my DVR, the two-hour premiere was last night and I thought, eh, why not? This will be my deciding factor once and for all. So I watched it and .... wait, first, I found out AFTER watching it that Horta changed his tune a wee bit. In an interview he was asked to clarify the Daniel/Betty remark and his response was:

TVGuide.com: Can you confirm your previous statement that Betty and Daniel will not end up together?
Horta: Every other version has [had them end up together]. At this point, I actually know what's going to happen. I thought I knew when I made that quote, but you re-evaluate and reassess. What I said before may or may not still be true.

There are rumors that ABC was not happy with Horta's statement and thus he's just appeasing the masses, however ...

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Arya & Gendry02

I ♥ My New Header

I haven't stopped liking Kaley Cuoco -- I still think she's fab! -- I've just been missing seeing BILLIE! whenever I go to my lj, so I figured, eh, it makes sense. Jim Parsons is my current favorite actor; Billie Piper is my current favorite actress and this is my personal lj, not an S/P comm, so JP and BP it is! I was so thrilled that I saved the psp with different layers so that I could just find a picture of Billie that fit. Yay!