October 3rd, 2009


Broken record, but more on Polanski

The executive producer of Criminal Minds, Ed Bernaro, wrote a piece that says much of what many of us are thinking. And on the blog he asked others in Hollywood to sign with their support against Polanski and what the pro-Polanski people are doing. Many did choose to use fake names, or were much-lesser-known names (though, good for them still). However, some more notable names (at least to me) DID sign with their names. The blog (plus comments with names) is here. Some of the names I was quite happy to see ...

Dan Rather, Adam Baldwin, John Ondrasik ("Five for Fighting). There were other names that people would recognize, but these are the main ones that grabbed my attention.
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New Layout!

Hmm, I think I like it. The page summary is going to take some getting used to and the links all at the top, hmm. Not sure. Yeah, I *think* I like it. You'll know if it's changed in a few days, LOL!