August 1st, 2009

Arya & Gendry02

I wish Moffat wasn't so intolerable to me, sigh ...

because I actually think that Matt Smith looks ADORABLE in his little bow-tie and outfit and Karen Gillian as his companion, Amy, looks pretty durn adorable too and I love the red hair. Ugh! Why BBC?! Why did you have to pick Moffat!?!?! My only hope is that he takes off after one series, at the most two, and then Cornell or Rusty or someone, pretty much, ANYONE else comes in and then I can start watching again. :)
Arya & Gendry02

More Enver!!!!

So there was a long video interview with Enver Gjokaj Dichen Lachman (Sierra), but he does most of the talking. They talk mostly about s1 stuff and he's just so fun to listen to, in terms of his thoughts on the show and the acting and the choices, and I just love him to bits. Also -- and why I posted this -- he said that episode two is Victor-heavy and GAH!!!! written by Tim Minear. I am THRILLED!!!! Anyhoo, it's a good listen-to, especially if you're a Victor/Enver-fan, but be wary there are slight S2 spoilers.

Arya & Gendry02

TBBT and Jim Parsons just won at the TCAs

Jim Parsons and The Big Bang Theory just won at the Television Critics Award Association!!!

The nominees in their categories were Collapse )

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AND THE SHOW AND JIM!!! just won!!!! Him winning this is AMAZING for his Emmy chances. This is the first major television award of the season, voted by the critics and followed by the industry. And they are who votes for the Emmys. ... which gives a lot of buzz and helps build momentum come Emmy-time. Him winning, against THOSE names!? His stock just rose big-time and the likelihood of him winning the Emmy just took a giant leap upwards! I've already seen in a few places that people think the lead comedy actor is really a two-man race ... between Baldwin and Jim Parsons!! And Jim just won this over Baldwin and those other names?!?!?! OH MY GOD!!!!

For those wondering, Jim Parsons and Neil Patrick Harris are in DIFFERENT categories at the Emmys -- the fact that NPH, whose character is supporting was nominated against all of these other actors who are in the lead category is pretty damn impressive. The point is that BOTH Jim and NPH can (and should!) win come Emmy time.



If you don't watch The Big Bang Theory, you should give it a try -- it's hilarious (and getting better all the time). If you watch it in order (I suggest so), the first couple of episodes have issues, but already by the fourth episode, it's freaking hysterical! And Jim Parsons is just a comic genius; he's also sweet, funny, adorable, adorkable, intelligent, brilliant, humble and the best guest on Craig Ferguson EVER!! Don't believe me? Collapse )