March 22nd, 2009

Arya & Gendry02

X-Files complete set ...

I don't know I don't have many X-Files fans on my flist, but for those who are ... if you see or hear of some sale of the complete DVD set (and not the slim set, the one with the specials), please let me know. I have both movies, but kept waiting to get the DVDs (because I had them all on tape, well the Mulder years), and now I really do want to get the complete set. So yeah, if anyone hears of some sale, please let me know. :)
Dr Who (9) - WTF

Re: Kings

Am I the only who watched it last week and was wholly unimpressed? It seems like everyone else who watched it loved it.

Not me. I thought the lead young dude was as milquetoast as they come, the "love story" between him and the King's daughter was ludicrous, came out of nowhere, as predictable as B coming after A, and the two had no chemistry. In fact, the entire show was so blindingly predictable I could dictate pretty much everything that happened before it happened. Ian McShane, as always, was AWESOME! Stan Sebastian (I think that's his name) was much better on this than he was on Gossip Girl and I did think he was great, if wasted in an entirely -- wait for it! -- predictable role. Brilliant premise, yes, but nothing was made of it. At all.

Seriously, was I the only one who watched it and felt this way?