March 18th, 2009

Arya & Gendry02

Yeah, done with AI this season

I gave 'em three weeks of singing (including the semi's) and no one -- and I mean NO ONE -- has even remotely held my interest, impresses me, etc. And I actively loathe more than a couple of the singers. So, yeah, American Idol has lost me this year. Oh well.
Arya & Gendry02

Natasha Richardson taken off life support.

Sigh. They pulled the life support plug and it's been reported that she passed away. Just, I don't have words. (Both reports from TMZ, boy, they love to report the bad news, don't they?)
Natasha Richardson has been taken off life support, according to NYC legendary columnist, Liz Smith. Smith has extremely close ties to the whole Broadway scene and is certainly in a position to know. Smith says as of 1:30 PM ET today, Natasha was taken off life support.

ETA: This was an earlier report about her being brain-dead and the line about Liam Neeson just carressing her face made me cry. Oh, I just feel so awful about it all.
TMZ has obtained information about Natasha Richardson's ambulance ride in New York to Lenox Hill Hospital -- she was "unconscious," her pupils "non-reactive," her skin was "pale" and she was suffering from "major head trauma." We're told her husband Liam Neeson held her hand the entire time and caressed her face as he sat in silence. We're also told when the plane landed in New Jersey, medics on board told members of the ambulance team that Richardson was "brain dead."