January 14th, 2009

Arya & Gendry02

Interesting Info from new Billie article ...

... namely that her status is being bumped up to executive producer on the third season of Secret Diary.
For the third season, which will go into production soon, Piper will be elevated to an executive producer. De Souza said Piper was, "funny and smart. She sits in [with the writers] and comes up with ideas. That's going to be great." She added that she felt Piper being elevated to this position was a natural progression, noting that in the first year, they initially didn't know Piper well, but by the second season, the writing was done with her personality in mind. As de Souza put it, there'd be times they'd think "Oh, Billie will really get this joke. Let's do it this way." Piper said that the show was such an interesting subject matter and she had so bonded with the role and the producers, that "it just seemed, personally, a nice, natural place to go." She added, "I didn't have to fight too well [to get the producer role], which was nice," to which de Souza replied, "No, not at all! It would have been a pain in the neck if Billie were a pain in the neck.'
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Seriously, I love Billie, she cracks me up and she's so down to earth about it all. This was a nice, more in-depth article about her and the show than I'm used to seeing, and it featured some new info. "The lady garden" bit was especially hilarious.