January 6th, 2009

Arya & Gendry02

Billie Piper Friending Meme

I'm really wanting to get more Billie Piper fans on my flist so here's a Billie friending meme. I'm sure most people know how friending memes work, but in case someone doesn't.... just copy the questions from the text box into a comment with your answers. If you see someone you think you might get along with, don't be afraid to ask to be friended.

Please feel free to pimp this anywhere! :D

SCORE!!! 'Kermit Bale' FTW!! (Well, almost)

So, I never vote in the ONTD year-end best posts poll, because, really, who cares? I certainly don't. But THIS YEAR!??! Kermit Bale was on the list. And I had to vote, I just had to!! And it ... almost won!!! Seriously, beating the Britney, the crazy, the wild, the gory, the gritty, the dirty posts. It came close to winning. The Heath Ledger Dies post (understandably) was number one.

But I'm quite thrilled with the humanity and joy that ONTD showed by having such a fun, squee-worthy, awesome, original, creative, time-extensive post come in at number two. What is Kermit Bale? Well, check it out and glory in its awesomeness.

*** KERMIT BALE!!! ***