January 4th, 2009

Arya & Gendry02

I REALLY am a Doctor/Rose-girl ...

as in DOCTOR/Rose, not Nine/Rose, or Ten/Rose, but Doctor/Rose. I've never read Eight/Rose fic, etc., but I think I may now. Someone put up a lovely Eleven, Rose/TenII story, and of course, Rose while interested in Eleven, was all smooshy and devoted to TenII, and for Eleven, Rose was basically a beloved, but faded, memory. And it bothered me!!!! I wanted Rose to want to be with Eleven as much as TenII. BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH THE DOCTOR, DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!

So, yeah, wow, I REALLY, REALLY am a Rose/Doctor girl. Doesn't matter the number, as long as it's Rose and it's the Doctor. I really thought that I was just for Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose because I'd seen Rose onscreen (as Rose) with Nine and Ten. But nope, I'm apparently for Rose and any Doctor, no matter the form.

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