November 29th, 2008

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Question for the remaining Logan/Veronica fans on my flist

So I started a fic a while ago called To Catch a Diary Thief. Alas, Veronica Mars degenerated into something that could simply NOT feed the urge to finish the dang thing (despite the fact that I DO have it all planned out, sigh). Anyhoo, I DO have two more chapters finished up (with the fifth a work in progress); I can't guarantee that I'll ever finish this, but I wondered if anyone was interested in reading the next two chapters. In the first one we meet up with Troy, and the second is mostly Logan/Wallace. They're just sitting on my computer unread by all but my beta-readers.

Anyway, just putting it out there.
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The Hottest Kisses You Never Saw

Hehehe, so I have a Billie Piper google alerts and I got this one. Hehehe.
Sure, the Doctor (version II, anyway) eventually got to tell Rose Tyler he loved her, and they shared a nice smooch in Doctor Who's season 4 finale. But if you watched the Confidential, you know that actors David Tennant and Billie Piper provided much sweatier minutes of mackage than the two-second bit that was deemed appropriate for the kiddies. (I suggest watching it in slow motion for maximum shortness of breath.)


Note: Mulder/Scully fans, there's also an ultra-hot kiss between the duo from Fight the Future that was recently released on the Blu-Ray release of FTF included (and is what inspired) the article (not beddable).

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Why Steven Moffat Isn't All That

I love this writer! I just posted an article below written by the same writer about "The Hottest Kisses You Never Saw" which featured the Rose/TenII kiss from Confidential and then I randomly found this. And oh yes!!!

Collapse ) Basically, the writer details so many of the misogynistic issues that those of who are NOT Moffat-fans have. Detailed and broken-down with logic and not presented under a haze of Doctor/Rose 4-eva twuwub! Awesome.
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FIC: To Catch a Diary Thief (3/?) (PG)

Title: To Catch a Diary Thief
Characters/Pairing: Logan, Veronica, Wallace, Troy, Cherry Winslow (OC), Annabelle Bonham (OC), Logan/Veronica
Rating: NC-17 overall; this chapter, PG
Word Count: 3,347
Summary: Veronica works on the case of the stolen diary, unaware that Logan and Wallace are independently working on it as well. Throughout the investigation, Veronica and Logan are coming to terms with their relationship.
Spoilers: References sprinkled throughout to events in seasons one and two. The only nod to season three is that she's working at the library; she definitely still has the LeBaron because I hate the Saturn. It is sooo not Veronica Mars.
Timeline: I conceived of this story before season three started and this is the way I had hoped Veronica would be with Logan, so although this story takes place around early season three, it is not canon beyond the end of season two. So, yes, Wallace's roommate does not exist in my universe.
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas, Warner Brothers, The CW, they own ... not I. This is just for fun, not profit.
Notes: (1) I would like to give huge thanks to my group of amazing betas who reread chapters multiple times and did so much to make this story a thousand times better than it would have been without their generous help. I am so very, very grateful for all you've done: Sowell, Polartruckin (Belinda), JaneDtwo and SeluciaV (Alli), you are all beyond awesome. (2) ~italics~ indicate what would be Veronica's voiceovers on the show. (3) Like Veronica Mars, I am fond of titles that are pun-laden and/or derived from pop culture sources. The story title is a take on the 1955 romantic comedy starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, To Catch a Thief. All chapter titles will be similarly pun and/or pop-culture related. If you're so inclined, guess the reference.

Previous Chapters can be found here.


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