November 10th, 2008


Non-fangirly Moffat community?

Hear me out. It was jokingly suggested by a couple of people in my TDD rewatch-review that there should be a club for those who don't like Moffat because there are hosannas sung to him everywhere else and I seriously began thinking on the idea.

Now, I'm not saying a place to just bash him, because that's not my style. But a place for posts like my Moffat-non-fan post, shinyopals' Moffat-non-fan post, butterfly's recent post on some info she found out.

With more info coming out about Moffat's run, we could have a place to openly discuss our issues with Moffat in an open forum (that likely would have to be closed membership, LOL) without worrying about the hosannas coming in.

Any thoughts? And if you ARE interested, pimp this post on your lj so anyone else who is interested can share their thoughts. I've got a pretty small flist, but I know some people ON my flist have pretty massive ones in the DW community who'd totally go for an idea like this.