August 17th, 2008

Arya & Gendry02

2 Doctor/Rose/Donna wallpapers

The first one I did a week or so ago, but was meh on it so I didn't put it up, but I figured, eh, why not. So Rose, Doctor, Donna ...

And then the one I just made today, it features an extra Rose and Doctor! SQUEE! Because I wanted all of my favorites. Here's a smaller version of it, just click on the image to see the 1024x768 version.

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FYI: Re: Dalek

I thought some Who fans on my list might be interested to read comments in my latest rewatch-review (Dalek) because that episode's writer, Rob Shearman, popped in and revealed some fabulous insight into the making of it. (And for the shippers ... he has some lovely comments about the Chris/Billie chemistry and the power of the Doctor/Rose relationship.) So check it out. :)