August 9th, 2008

Arya & Gendry02

'Walk of Life' Nine/Rose fanvid

I've been working on this video on and off for about a week now (way too many hours to count) and I'm finally done. Thanks to eolivet and my sister -- who had an decidedly unbiased opinion as she doesn't watch the show -- for helping me out.

This is all Nine/Rose. I didn't cheat and even grab experiences from series two. Everything is from series one, all Nine (okay, okay, one teeny clip from series 3). Anyhoo, first vid in this fandom, first video in a long time. I chose Billie Piper's song "Walk of Life" because it just called to me. I NEVER do (make or watch) videos where the gender doesn't match the point of view, but yet this song -- sung by a female -- is from the Doctor's perspective. So I broke my own rule. Again, the song just called to me and would not let go, and I figured, hey, it can be narration and, and ... it's Billie Piper, for goodness sake, that has to count for something!

Anyhoo, enjoy, I hope anyone who watches it does. You can either download it from mediafire or watch it streaming from youtube.

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My Saturday TV night watching

Just watched Psych and the Host Nation's welcome of the Opening Ceremonies. Not to compare the two, but excellent on both counts. This may, easily, be my favorite Psych episode ever. Just wonderfully done. Collapse )

As for the Opening Ceremonies production from China. Wow! Just beautiful and amazing. I cried, I clapped, I was filled with wonder and joy. Beautiful, beautiful job.

ETA: I hadn't watched the lighting of the Olympic Torch when I wrote this earlier. I just finished doing so, and my praise above is nothing compared to the majestic and literally awe-inspiring beauty that China managed with that torch lighting. I was literally crying, shaking with tears of joy and awe. Just utterly transcendent. WOW!