July 25th, 2008

Arya & Gendry02

'Doctor Who' Theme

I work in daycare and I make "fun kids mix" for my three-year olds. Well, I had to make them a new CD the other day and decided that I'd put the Doctor Who theme on it for my enjoyment. As I told my co-worker that morning I got to work, if they didn't particularly like it, whatever, it was about a minute, they could deal.

So, I played them the CD and when we got to that song as it was playing, they liked it and I told them there was a spaceship with this music. Well, after I finish playing all the songs for them, they all say "we want the space song." And that's all they want to listen to now. The space song over and over again, on repeat.

Well, I should have known. It IS technically a kid's show, so you think they'd try and make the theme music pleasing to kids. They certainly succeeded with my three year olds. :)
Arya & Gendry02

The X-Files: I Want To Believe = SHEER AWESOME!!!

Massive movie spoilers in the comments now.

I really liked the first X-Files movie, and I loved parts of it ... but this one? Oh, I just loved EVERYTHING about it! It was AWESOME!!! Ignore the stupid critics, it was kick-kick-ass!!! As a Mulder fan, I loved every moment, so in character, so him. As a Scully fan, I loved every moment, so in character, so her. As a Mulder/Scully shipper, I loved every moment. Collapse )

As an X-Files fan, I loved it. It was creepy, freaky, out there, funny, serious, dramatic, with the pieces all tying together perfectly like a kick-ass two parter of the series itself. Which is a high compliment because I thought that every kick-ass two-parter was better than most movies. The performances were fabulous, the writing fabulous, the direction (go CHRIS!) fabulous.


Collapse )

Finally, I'm not putting this behind the cut as a spoiler because I REFUSE to spoil it. Stay past the credits. Period. And don't let anyone tell you not to. It was awesome, wonderful, fabulous, beyond anything I could have imagined and brought a near-shout of glee from me in the theater as I clapped and grinned with unadulterated joy. It was a perfect, lovely gift and it was completely unexpected. And, yes, even with all I just wrote, I honestly can not expect anyone -- who is in no way spoiled -- to figure out what is SO fabulous about it. Just stay past the credits. You will not regret it if you're a fan.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! It's awesome. My sister watched the show on and off, and she really, really liked it. Seriously, I want this movie in my hands NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!