June 4th, 2008

Arya & Gendry02

Doctor Who and/or Conversion plea

Does anyone have the Doctor Who "Children in Need" 7-minute special that bridged the end of season one and "The Christmas Invasion?" It just continued exactly after "The Parting of the Ways" ended and showed more of Rose and the Doctor interacting. So does anyone have that as an avi file that they could put up for me to download? I've checked everywhere and am having no luck.

Failing that, does anyone know of a good source where I can convert a VLC file to an avi file -- because I DO have the above special in VLC format.

Sigh, the joys of a new obsession ...

ETA: Got it!!! For anyone interested: Stellar copy (no text/no numbers) of Children in Need 2005 (mediafire download). Enjoy!