May 12th, 2008

Arya & Gendry02

So, yeah, watched 7 and 1/4 eps of 'Gossip Girl'

I like it, I don't love love it, but I DO love love Chuck and (surprisingly to me because I've never been a Leighton Meeser fan) Blair, and I really love the idea of them together. So yeah, I guess they're my Gossip Girl couple.

I'm TRYING to not be spoiled (and have only watched up through all of ep 7 ("Victor, Victrola") and up to the first Blair/Chase scene in ep 8. I'm sure I'll spoil myself ridiculously once I'm caught up, but until then, I'm just waiting and watching to see how it plays out. So avoiding sites and commentary until I'm caught up (so no spoilers, etc. in comments please) ... which hopefully will be by Wednesday or so. Hopefully.

BTW, yeah, still hate Kristen Bell and am sadly reminded every single time I hear her voice-over. What really bites is that about 90% of the GG voice-over is not only unnecessary, it rather feels like a dumbing down moment every time because the actors (for the most part, yes, Chase Crawford I'm looking at you) sell the moment without the stupid voice-over. Ah well, I can deal, though, and I do really, really like Blair and Chuck, with Blair totally being my favorite character. I really just love her.
Arya & Gendry02

'Eli Stone' RENEWED!!!, HIMYM a "shoo-in" for season four!!

Woohoo!! Doing the happy dance. Doing the happy dance. DAYUM!! All of my shows are coming back. I'm so happy in TV-land. All my shows that were on the bubble have been renewed or are thisclose to officially being renewed.

- Eli Stone
- How I Met Your Mother
- Life
- Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
- Boston Legal
- Scrubs (definitely moving to ABC; thanks Zach!)


(Yes, that means that I don't consider Moonlight "my show." Sorry, but when I fastforward through everything to get to Jason's part, I officially do not care a whit about the show itself. If it is canceled, hopefully, Jason will get another role elsewhere or a fabulous recurring guest spot that gets him tons of praise. It's not like he was being utilized on Moonlight.)