May 9th, 2008

Arya & Gendry02

'Eli Stone' returning (supposedly)

I know, I know it's from E!Online, but with the upfronts a week ago, it's certainly believable to which I say YAY!!!!!

The upfronts aren't next until week in New York City, which is where all the official pickups and cancellations are set to be announced, but sources close to ABC have tipped me that while bubble show Eli Stone will get the nod for a season two, another hour-long drama, Women's Murder Club, will not be returning.

Like I said, not official, but that's where these two shows currently stand, according to my sources.

Sad news about WMC to be sure, but hallelujah about Eli Stone, right? I, for one, adore that series and need to know what happens next between Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) and Maggie Dekker (Julie Gonzalo). Post your cheers and laments, respectively, in the comments, tubers!

WOOHOO!! Not official, but then "Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles" isn't either, but all signs point to a second season. Soooooooooooooo, this means my three favorite new shows ("Life," "T:SCC" and "Eli Stone") are all returning. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!!