February 11th, 2008


So I was wondering ...

Okay for those on my flist who are watching Lost, I've heard, of course, that the last season really picked up in the second half (after I stopped watching) and that this season is great so far. I'm considering it picking it up again, watching those episodes and getting all caught up again, but I have to ask first ... Since I hate Jack and find him the most irritating, annoying, loathsome, ass-ish character on television right now should I bother? Really, I can't watch a Jack scene without thinking "asshole." So should I give the show another shot or is it still so Jack-heavy, Jack the hero, Jack the perfect, Jack the always right, Jack the terminally boring, please gouge my eyes out and put me out of my misery? I mean feeling the way I do about Jack, would I still enjoy the show? (Uhm, I also can't stand the idea of Jack/Kate. It's not that I'm a Kate/Sawyer shipper, although I like them, I've liked Kate with Locke and Sayid as well; it's just Kate with Jack I can't stand. Hmm, must be Jack in the equation.)

Secondly, am I the ONLY person who can never figure out who's getting voted out on reality shows? I read all the time at TWoP, on my flist people commenting on how, 'well the editing was so obvious, of course, so and so was going.' Except for Make Me a Supermodel, which is dependent upon the viewer vote -- and I've guessed every week right so far, I am ALWAYS wrong in guessing who goes home. Every dang time. So am I that dense that I never can figure it out? And my flist is well aware that I watch a lot of TV, so I should be able to see plot twists, etc, but I never figure out from the supposedly "obvious" editing (heck, even on America's Next Top Model) who's going on. Seriously, is it just me?

Thanks in advance.