September 19th, 2007


Mr. Dohring is absolutely transfixing on screen ... indeed!

Got this from Depudor on A-Dohring Crowd (JD board) and had to bring it over to squee about.

This is from the "Programming Insider" forum:

The rumblings that I'm picking up from my buzziscope suggest that Mr. Dohring as Josef, the morally conflicted vampyre, is absolutely transfixing on screen in the scenes he is featured in.
Seriously!?!! Oh my god. This fills me with such joy. It's so nice to not only read the countless critics who are interested in this show thanks to Jason alone, but to hear that the buzz from those who've seen some of the show are buzzing so splendiferously about Jason.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!