August 16th, 2007

Arya & Gendry02

SYTYCD ... Winner Revealed

My quick thoughts behind the cut, but I do want to say that I was very, very, VERY disappointed that winner got like two seconds of celebration before the credits starting rolling and about 30 seconds before the show went off the air. Come on, Nigel, you let the winner have their moment in the sun nicely on AI, why not here?

I also want to say that I'm thrilled, really, really, really thrilled that Neil was in the final four because watching this reminded me why I was so uninterested in the finale last year. My fave wasn't there and it's so, so heavy-final four (as it should be). Uhm, unless your name is Sara. Okay then. I did love her routines chosen, but that many? Really?

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