August 6th, 2007

Arya & Gendry02

'Serenity' Miniseries?

Well, I'm only MILDLY perturbed with Entertainment Weekly right now. They did a small interview with Joss Whedon and mentioned in the intro this:
''I couldn't stand the idea of one more person asking me who was going to play Wonder Woman,'' says director Joss Whedon, explaining why he — a perennial Comic-Con favorite — didn't pop up on a panel in 2006. Now unlassoed from said movie project, Whedon last week returned to speak at the Nerd Prom, unleashing a spate of projects — a number of them Buffy-related — to orgiastic effect. Among the crowd-pleasers: Ripper, a 90-minute TV movie for the BBC about Buffy's watcher, Giles; Goners, his original movie for Universal that's still in development and presently in rewrites; Cabin in the Woods, a horror movie coscripted with Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) that he's shopping around; and two comics, a Buffy ''season 9'' story arc and a Serenity miniseries.
And then no mention is made of said Serenity miniseries in the interview. Arrrgggghhhhh!!!!