July 19th, 2007

Dancing Cucumber

SYTYCD - Who's Going Tonight? No real spoilers.

Well based on the theory of harper47, they are going to keep dancers based on what would make a good tour number (which I think is BULLCRAP! -- they should be kept based upon their talent, not which luck of the draw great choreography they may get, grrr), then I think we may lose either Pasha (sniff, sniff) or Danny tonight.

Hok may be bottom-three, but his Wade-Jazz number will keep him in the top 10. I doubt Neil/Lauren will be in the bottom-three, but if they are, I doubt they'd want to lose the Wade-devil/angel number. The other two most likely bottom-three'ers are Pasha/Sara and Lacey/Kameron and I doubt they'll want to lose the contemporary routine that L/K did the first week out, so Kameron will be safe. Which leaves Pasha, who as wonderful and adorable and fabulous as he is, hasn't had a kick-ass, raved about number yet and Danny, who I don't think we'll be in the bottom-three unless he really has no fanbase, and while he and Anya have had some lovely, lovely numbers, I think if they have to choose between Danny and say, anyone but Pasha, they'll pick Danny because the others have at least one strong, raved about number.

Sorry, Gerrie, I don't think Dominic will be touching the bottom-three. Collapse ) Personally, I can't wait until they repair because I'm dying to see how Sabra and Neil dance together and I'll be bummed if I don't get to see that.

Yes, still H-A-T-I-N-G Lauren with a fiery passion and A-D-O-R-I-N-G Neil and feeling so for him for having to put up with her. Poor guy.