July 6th, 2007


Anyone else watching 'Burn Notice' on USA?

And damn, when did they get such good shows!??!? The 4400, The Closer, Psych and now this one (and I also plan on watching Saving Grace -- love me some Holly Hunter) when it starts.

I just really, really enjoy this. It's fun and breezy, not too heavy on the action, not over the top in the snark and the supporting characters are terrific. Jeffrey Dononvan is awesome as the lead and Gabrielle Anwar is utterly and absolutely delightful as the quasi-love interest. And you simply can't go wrong with Bruce Campbell, even, MAN! has he put on weight and turned to gray. Anyhoo, the second episode just aired the night before and I'm just loving the show. Just a delight. Anyone else watching?