May 25th, 2007

Feelings Journal

My car just fell apart and I'm driving to Georgia on Monday

No, not a joke. I was driving down main street and I heard a loud crank, then my steering wheel starting spinning without stopping. I called the police, who called a tow guy. We got the car to a place and I was able to get a hold of a guy who fixes car and the determination was that the engine cradle bolts rusted through and bottom-line, the car can't be fixed.

Did I mention that I'm driving to Georgia from Ohio on Monday?

The good news is that the guy who has the body shop has a car he can sell me for $1,200 that will work and I can buy it from him tomorrow. Of course, this means, I'm out $1,200 of my savings for when I get to Georgia and as I don't have a job yet, this is very scary, as that doesn't leave me as much of a cushion as I desperately hoped to have. Donations welcome! Sigh, the other good news is that Tom (tow guy) knew someone -- who just happened to be in my town and at the Waffle House across from where I live -- who buys junk cars. My car was towed to my house, said guy came over and although he's hasn't been paying more than a hundred lately because scraps aren't going for much now, he either fell for my charm (hah!) or my story and gave me $150.00. That's something.

Sigh. I'm trying not to freak out. Really trying. But I'm freaked. Seriously freaked. I can not believe this happened and I'm scared shitless about my money situation come Georgia if I don't get a job ASAP.