April 16th, 2007


Two-hour premiere of 'Drive' ... I like!

I really enjoyed the two-hour premiere of Drive. I'm trying to not get my hopes up that it will stay so good though because I've raved about shows and then seen them go downhill so quickly. I do hope it continues on the road it's begun (yes, pun intended) because while I enjoy Heroes, Supernatural and Friday Night Lights, none of those are obsess-worthy shows for me. And I so want one to help ease the pain of the horror that Veronica Mars has become.

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One Angry Logan

Drive, Monday Night

Sigh, the ratings SUCKED for Sunday night which really, really sucks because tonight's episode sucked me in more. I'm loving all the characters, even those I didn't cotton to in Sunday's night premiere. Damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!