April 14th, 2007

Arya & Gendry02

Paulina Porizkova on 'The Colbert Report' YAY!

For long-time Colbert viewers, you know that Ric Ocasek is featured occasionally as part of Stephen's go-to-squad (he's currently out trying to find Stephen Jr. with a few others (Bobby and Killer), I believe, but got waylaid in Vegas lured by the gaming there). And of course, Paulina is Ric's wife. Anyhoo, when I was so delighted with Paulina on her way, way, way too short stint on Dancing with the Stars (grr), I wished that Stephen would cover her somehow because of the connection, and he sometimes covers media stuff like DwtS. Well, he did do a little bit the night after she was voted off, which I loved. But YAY!! I just read that Paulina will actually be a full interview guest on April 18, no doubt for her debut novel -- which is getting great reviews! I'm quite excited. So Paulina fans who were entranced with her personality on Dancing with the Stars, try and check out The Colbert Report on the 18th if you don't normally watch it. I'm sure it will be a real treat.