February 19th, 2007


The Black Donnelly's -- Yes, Tis Awesome

Okay, I get it. I finally watched The Black Donnellys thanks to a desdemona_x -- a link I found at wisteria's lj. Really, really excellent show. I mean REALLY excellent. It had absolutely everything you would want in good TV and then some. Whoever is the actor playing Jonathan Tucker as Tommy is wonderful, just wonderful and the fluidity of the story told was just outstanding. I'm definitely recommending this one to everyone on the planet.

Collapse ) Even though I've watched this now, I'm pretty sure I'll be watching it again come premiere night. This one's a keeper.
Arya & Gendry02

Potential JD projects?

There's a new interview with Jason at BuddyTV and at the end Jason talks about upcoming potential projects. It sounds that way to me anyway, that it's stuff he's trying out for, but has no definitive word yet. Still, I'm more hopeful that he'll do some work after filming this season this time around and that's certainly something to perk up about.

Here's the specific paragraph:
    There’s a couple good movies that are kind of set to start shooting that I look forward to maybe having an opportunity to work in, I’m excited about this Pacific movie, The Pacific, it’s a mini-series, like another Spielberg and Hanks mini-series, and I think that that would be a fantastic thing to shoot, go do boot camp and stuff like that, I really like that kind of stuff.