February 17th, 2007

Arya & Gendry02

VM 3.13 -- So I liked it, I really liked it

You know, I hadn't planned on watching VM totally anymore. No siree, I was just going to watch the Logan scenes and ff through everything else because I was tired of it. And that's what I did on Tuesday, and then I deleted the episode. I downloaded it, true, but only to cut the Logan scenes out to save for myself. And then I deleted that episode. I kept wavering before I did all of this thinking I should watch it, but then decided, no, I won't. I'm too hurt; I'm tired of getting hurt by a tv show. But then people were really liking it, but no, I won't. I won't watch it. And then I did the chemistry for the breakdown and saw a potential vision of what Rob Thomas has planned for Logan/Veronica and damned if it didn't all make sense, even in light of the upcoming spoilers. So I re-downloaded the damn thing and watched it. And whaddya know? I liked it, I really liked it. Anyhoo, thus the late, late review.

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Hah, the original sentence before the cut was "Some quick thoughts ..." And then I finished typing it all up. Quick? Double hah.
Arya & Gendry02

VM, The Office and Shipper Fandom

I finally got around to watching The Office last night and I thought it was an enjoyable episode (okay, except for Michael's speech, eek!). Now, I should note here that while I like Jim/Pam, I don't ship them. I don't read spoilers, I don't analyze their scenes, I rewound their first kiss twice, but that's it. I'm not a shipper. With that said, after I watched the episode, I hopped on over to TWoP and read the episode thread and was quite surprised to find the Jim/Pam shippers throughout the thread were so disgruntled, complaining about the Jim/Pam aspect, saying the show had one more week to fix them or they were going to stop watching. There was discussion of how so much had been wrecked with the characters it wasn't possible to repair them and I was a little shocked. I thought the show was great and overall, I've been quite happy with it. The quality hasn't dipped and the progression of the Jim/Pam story has been fine for me. Of course, I'm not a shipper at all for them.

So, I started thinking of this in relation to VM and how so many Logan/Veronica shippers are ready to jump ship, are furious with what has happened to the show, dog it left and right (and I'm surely one of them), but how some non-shippers are fine with it and don't quite get where we're coming from. And I thought, you know, wow! really shipping a couple on a show really, REALLY changes your opinion of that show. You tend to look more closely at plotlines, at interaction, at how things are going or not going for your couple and shippers tend to analyze the hell out of the show -- not just their couple, but the show as a whole. I don't know why, maybe because most people who ship a couple, like the show and therefore when they find themselves analyzing one aspect, they wind up analyzing the whole thing.

What this all means, I dunno, I just thought it was interesting.