January 23rd, 2007

ATttD - Sorry

Rob Thomas the Novelist vs. Rob Thomas the Showrunner

This struck me the other night and I may be totally off-base, but I thought it was an interesting angle. There were things that were glossed over in season one of Veronica Mars that we pushed aside because the overall product was so good. Other things were glossed over in season two, but since the overall product wasn't as good, we called Rob Thomas on it. Same for season three. Now, I got to thinking about how often we hear of how many scenes are cut to make time. And how often Thomas gives explanations for things in interviews that he wasn't able to get to in the show. Then there is how the relationships that turn a larger portion of the viewership off are played out and it all added up to the realization for me that Rob Thomas is a novelist.

I read both of his books and they were good. They were really good. There were twists and there were some leaps, but they worked in the context of the written word. Even though we didn't get the character motivation of every character, the situations set up, the characters we did get insight into to sold what was going on throughout the rest of the story. There weren't happy ends, there were real-life endings and they were the resolution to well-written, well-characterized, well-plotted novels in the cases of both Rats Saw God and Slave Day.

I wonder if some of the issues viewers are experiencing with the show can be based on the fact that Rob Thomas is a novelist and perhaps approaches each season as a separate book. Season one was contained and it was the introduction of these characters and this situation. Once Veronica laid down on her bed in Leave it to Beaver, her story in this "book" was effectively over. She had done what she had sought to do in "chapter one" a.k.a. The Pilot.

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Brothers & Sisters -- I LOVE this show so much

I know talk about Ugly Betty as if it's my new favorite show, but I think -- as much as I love it -- that Brothers and Sisters actually gets that honor. I love Betty LOTS, but there are occasional moments/scenes where it doesn't click for me and I'm left less than fulfilled. B&S doesn't do that for me at all. Come to think of it, B&S might actually be my favorite show period. Yes, even topping Veronica Mars which is the show tha I'm hopelessly addicted to. No other has the ability to move me from laughter (to the point where I'm rewinding several times because I want to watch the humor play out over and over again) to pathos within literally one minute. Tonight's episode actually brought me to full-throttle, wipe my eyes, stuffy nose tears not once, but twice.

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Arya & Gendry02

VM 3.10 -- I liked A LOT!

Thoughts on the new (finally!!!) VM episode below the cut. You know I wish I wasn't so addicted, but I am and I am just sooooo this show's bitch. Seriously. I can rant and rave and dislike a series of episodes (which hasn't really happened, a whole series that is, more like one or two and then a couple more with scenes/things I dislike), but a really good one comes along and I'm just so forgiving and la la la, it was great!

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