January 18th, 2007

Arya & Gendry02

I have a confession to make about 'Fidelity'

You know, 'Fidelity.' The song that played over the final Logan/Veronica scene in 3.03 Wichita Linebacker. I mostly like it, but I really don't like the heart, art, art, art repetitive crap that plays through the song. But I put up with it because it's a FABULOUS Logan/Veronica scene. But now, everywhere I turn, I hear FIDELITY! I'm watching last week's Brothers and Sisters and I hear 'Fidelity.' I'm watching The Colbert Report and during a commerical, I hear 'Fidelity' in an ad for Regina Spektor's CD. Now, I'm watching a TV show tonight (I won't say which) and whaddya know!? Fucking 'Fidelity' is playing.

The universe wants me to either positively adore or despise this song with a passion. I haven't figured out which yet.