January 3rd, 2007

Arya & Gendry02

S2 Veronica Mars, Logan & Veronica Meme/Picspan -- Favorites and Not

Since this was such a success, here's a Season 2 VM/Logan/Veronica meme. As in the first one, feel free to respond here or at your own livejournal, but if you do respond at your livejournal, please post here and let me know because I'd love to read any responses. If you haven't filled out the first one yet, but plan on it, please still do. It's been a blast to read all responses. Since this was created for a Logan/Veronica board, there's a specific L/V section, for anyone who does want to fill this out, but isn't into L/V, just skip that section.

Respond to the following questions (with reasons if you're so inclined) but all of the responses should be about season two and only season two. This is separated into two categories: Veronica Mars (the show) and Logan/Veronica.

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Oh, and since this is a picspam (with me going just a leetle overboard), not safe for dial-up.

The O.C. Cancelled

I got this off of ohnotheydidnt (source: justjared).
We’ve been hearing this for many months now (perhaps longer) but word on the street is that Fox has "officially" pulled the plug on The O.C. in its fourth (and final) season. Big surprise because just yesterday, the pilot pickup season kicked off and a spy dramedy from The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz was given the green light by NBC. Josh, 30, will be delivering a high-concept action dramedy about spies (in the vein of Grosse Pointe Blank) called Chuck.

Josh will also be executive producing The Gossip Girl, which is supposedly going to be picked up by the CW. He’s going to be a busy guy, that Josh. But without The O.C. on his plate. At this point, we can only wish for great acting gigs for the cast. All of them.
Maybe, Autumn Reeser will wind up with something else that showcases her talents! (And a small part of me is still wistfully hoping that if (hah, if!) Veronica Mars is canceled, Jason Dohring and Autumn will wind up on a show together. Hey, I can dream!

ETA: Exec producer Josh Schwartz released a quote on the cancellation. Collapse )