Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Survivor: Ooh, the big blunder ...

Don't want to spoil anyone, so thoughts behind the cut ...

You know I told harper47 last week that because the promo flat-out said that Ozzy was the one targeted that it meant he wasn't going home because the promos are fairly misleading. Yet, I wasn't surprised when Ozzy was voted out (sniff, sniff). Because we've had promos targeting someone for two or three weeks in a row now, so it would make sense that the promo monkeys would turn on its ear. And it did.

It sucks. But I already knew that Ozzy wasn't going to win because the editing has been showing him so arrogant lately, even though really it's just been editing. I won't continue to watch it, because I really don't care about anyone else enough to watch it without Ozzy. (And, no, the few minutes during tribal council isn't enough.) I do hope that Parvati, Cirie and Jason go soon, and if none of them is in the final two, I'll be very happy about that.

Screw 'em, you said it, Ozzy and you were right. I wish he'd played the stupid idol, but he learned too well to trust his alliance from the Aitu 4. I'll watch the finale, knowing that Jeff will give Ozzy a lot of screentime despite his early ouster.

I love ya, Ozzy, no matter what.
Tags: ozzy, survivor, tv

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