December 31st, 2006

Arya & Gendry02

HELP! Find a song and titles!

I remember a song from the 80's called "Simply" a soft, sweet love song that had lyrics in it so:

I'll tell you simply/I've fallen for you/I've never felt this way before/I don't want flowers/and I don't mind tears/I just need you through the years/I am your lover/and you are my friend/ ...

I desperately want this song, but I can't find the artist or it anywhere. Does anyone know?

Also, I am looking for song, movie, book titles that contain the names of two characters and a phrase ala Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle or "The Ballad of Jack and Diane." Any and all suggestions are much, much appreciated. (It's for a fic.)
Arya & Gendry02

Happy New Year's All

I hope everyone on my flist has a wonderful and safe New Year's. Me, I'm working, but that's cool, cuz I wouldn't do anything anyway, heh. The few times I've tried, well, it hasn't been a disaster, but it hasn't been fun, LOL!

My resolutions:

1. Save money.
2. Do more writing -- fanfic (cuz it's fun!) and work on my novel.