December 16th, 2006


'She Said Ryan is Funny' HEE!

Okay, so I'm at the beginning of episode 5 of season 4 of The OC and yes, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!! Taylor (Autumn Reeser is utterly charming and delightful) and Ryan and Taylor are frickin' adorable and I've just started watching their story ... and judging from the squeeing from my flist, I'm thinking it only gets better. I'm so glad that I decided to watch this! Thanks to Hannah and Roz for helping me get started.

You know I've got it bad when I've already made an icon and have an R/T site bookmarked!

ETA: Wow, what a difference lack of an actress makes. I pretty much was so totally unimpressed with The OC season one which is the only season I watched, but these seven eps of season four? Damn, The OC owns my soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, wow!!

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ETA one more thing: Can anyone offer any music vid, wallpaper, fanfic recs? Of course, I'm already so going to read Hannah's (no doubt awesome) Erotic Memoirs of a Soulful College Girl, but are there any other good recs out there?