December 15th, 2006


The Office was so so good tonight (why can't other shows be?)

And it makes me sad because so many other showrunners don't get that you don't need wild, unbelievable HUGE drama to make your show entertaining. An hour full of some funny lines, interaction with characters we like with a leetle bit of drama thrown in and magic can happen. Moments, people, moments of quality, of character quality is what makes viewers love characters, love shows and feel an immense joy in following those characters on those shows. Gimmicks, gotcha's, plot twist lose their value beyond the first viewing and merely only offer that original "ooh!" -- or in Rob Thomas' case mostly groans of "ohhh!"

Why is Heroes working still despite their loss of super-groovy-oh-my-God!-endings of every episode? Because we CARE about Hiro and Claire and Peter and Nik--, uhm, and Matt and Nathan. On Lost, the audience kept coming back in S1 and 2, yes, because of the mystery, but also because we cared what happened to these people. Now, those people don't seem to matter, the characters are floundering, everything is going in circles and without the characters to care for, the circular mystery is blah. Why did The X-Files retain its obsessive fandom for so long despite the growing confusion of the conspiracy? Because we cared about Mulder and Scully. And all the little moments -- that never stopped coming -- kept them real amidst all the insanity (I say this mostly through the full Duchovny years as I stopped watching religiously once he was gone pretty much from the canvas). Are there even any little moments on VM anymore?

Sigh. Characters we love. Moments showing those things we love about those characters. Interactions. Care and love clearly there from the writers, the directors, the actors for these characters. All of these things is what drives a show and a fandom. And lack thereof is what either loses that fandom, turns it bitter or both.

Double sigh -- but onto one of the shows that is doing it right.

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Arya & Gendry02

New Michelle Pfeiffer movie looks adorable...

Sorry for spamming my flist, but I just watched the trailer for the new Michelle Pfeiffer/Paull Rudd movie, I Could Never Be Your Woman on Oh No They Didn't and not only did I laugh outloud a few times, I was also grinning and damn-near squeeing. If the movie is half as good as the trailer, I'm gonna love this movie. Rudd and Pfeiffer definitely have the chemistry and the dialogue, story looks really good. I esp. loved the Bruce Willis bit simply because one of my fave MP films is Story of Us with Willis. Very, very adorable. Unless it's gets horrifically panned, I'm so there when it comes out!!!
One Angry Logan

Man, I want some smutty Logan/Veronica fic

Not angsty, not future fic, just some s3 pre or post break-up smut with some plot *. And writing my own or reading all the fic in my memories won't do the trick. I want to just sit down and read it. Damn RT for screwing up the L/V story so much in S2 and then making them so non-L/V-ish this season that good, plentiful, not that horribly angsty, non-future-fic (you know, to get around the horrendous canon of their relationship) smut is hard to find. Sigh. It used to be darn plentiful.

Curse you, Rob Thomas!!!!

* Okay, pre-series or pre-ep 1.21 smut would work too.


I read about this on the Colbert Report thread on TWoP so I tried it:
I picked TV and Logan was who I was thinking of. I did win, because the goal is to get it in 20 questions. But they did eventually guess it at 24 or 29 (I forget which one). It was so cool. Hahaha. I'm so doing other categories and faves!

ETA: Hee! I did Veronica. They got her in 17 -- first guess. They were sooooooooo trying to rule out Buffy first. Hee! Were you based on a movie? Do you use a sword? HAHAHA!!!