December 14th, 2006

ATttD - Sorry

The OC -- Can I just start watching the current season?

My flist is going ga-ga over Ryan and Taylor from The OC. I do not watch the OC, because I watched the first season (more or less due to a promise to my best friend). I liked elements of it, but found it ridiculously predictable and Misha Barton was quite possibly THE worst actress I've ever seen on prime-time. When I found out that Marisa did NOT die over an overdose at the beginning of S2, any thought of continuing to watch was beyond gone.

However, I know she's dead, and everyone is raving about Ryan/Taylor. So my question is ... when was Taylor introduced? Can I just start watching again from the beginning of this season and get her whole story or do I have to go back further?

I seriously need a couple I can squee over because, frankly, Logan and Veronica are killing my shipper heart and soul. And they are all I have right now.