December 3rd, 2006


JD, RH and CL at the Scientology Christmas Party

I don't judge, just report. These are from The Church of Scientology's Christmas Stories -- this benefits a charity (no doubt, Scientology-related.) Obviously we know that Jason is a Scientologist (no judging, just reporting), but Ryan is a Mormon (I'm not sure, I think, but on second thought, I'm REALLY not sure) and I have no idea what Chris is. I read that Danny Masterson (also a Scientologist) would invite most of That 70's Show cast to come along to the party each year and most did, so maybe, probably, Ryan and Chris came along with Jason. I may hate Piz, but Chris Lowell is probably a pretty nice guy to go along with something like this (if he's not a Scientologist) who must like Jason.

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