October 31st, 2006

Arya & Gendry02

Friday Night Lights

Well, I had watched the FNL premiere when it, well, premiered, but figured that it would be cancelled judging by the ratings and doom and gloom, but after urging from certain people (hello, Depudor) I decided to take the risk and so I just watched eps 2-4 and I have ep 5 waiting for me at home. I don't love it (the hand-held camera shots are a little annoying at times), but I really like it and it is engrossing. I do LOVE Coach Tayler, Saracen and Tim (who is very, very pretty) and it is a damn good show. It's a keeper.

Now, I just hope the damn thing doesn't get cancelled on me.

Pics from Jason's New (Old) Movie

I saw this on the LoVe Shack, posted by tinkabell.

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Hmm, he apparently did have first billing when this film was named Walking on Water, but he wasn't on that poster and the trailer I don't think featured much of him. Yay for starring in a television show that gets some press!

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Jason in a wetsuit? Diving suit? Hmm, he did this movie when he was 20/21 right? Right before VM? Anyhoo, JASON DOHRING!!
Arya & Gendry02

FNL -- Tim and Lyla ...

I feel like I *should* ship them, but I don't. It's the kind of story that can play really well, and I adore Taylor Kitsch already, but I'm not too fond of the actress who plays Lyla. She's pretty, but in a bland, non-interesting way for me and I think she's by FAR the weakest actor in the cast. And then there's the biggie -- they don't have chemistry for me at all and ... Collapse )