October 10th, 2006

One Angry Logan

Sigh. Re: My sister and Welcome Wagon

My sis finally watched it. She's not a huge fan, but she enjoys the show. She likes Logan/Veronica, but she's not into them. Her thoughts: She wasn't impressed. She thought some of the writing was like VM, but some was just bad, and sadly, she agreed with my thought that the show introduced Piz as the love interest, with Logan presented as the obstacle to any potential relationship there. Double sigh.

Damn you, Rob! When will you just accept that viewers want Logan and Veronica? It doesn't matter how many different potential love interests you throw in between? This audience is set on Logan/Veronica. Stop fighting it, stop trying to change our minds, stop trying to convince yourself that if you just find the right actor/the right character you will succeed in making all of us crazy Logan/Veronica fans switch teams. It's not going to happen.