October 1st, 2006

ATttD - Sorry

VM Promo Cast Image/Sad Thoughts on L/V

Me = sad. I was going through the S3 promos that have been released and realized that centering the promo cast shot it's Piz, Veronica and Keith. I thought it was just me looking for stuff to depress me and then I went to veronicamarstv.net and checked out the images there and sigh, the pics were made into thumbnails and here's the main cast gallery page: main cast gallery.

Yes, yes, it's next TO a Logan/Veronica picture, but still, it's kinda sad at the placement that Piz/Chris Lowell has in the one cast picture released, with it looking like Veronica's the main character (which she is) and then right next to her are the two men in her life. Where's Logan? You can't even see him in the pic when cropped because he's sitting down. Sigh. Yes, he's closer up in the shot, but I'm not talking about promotion for JD, but for Logan/Veronica and it just made me sad.

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Ah well, didn't last long ... (Fall Shows)

I have about four minutes left of the seconde episode of Jericho and it's safe to say that the bloom has quickly worn off the rose. Ah well.

I gave up on Men in Trees after two episodes also. And I'll give Six Degrees one more week, but that one may go bye-bye also.

Less TV to watch isn't a bad thing.